What's Next What's Now Equipping young adults for the journey of faith

1010 East Casino Rd
c/o North Puget Sound Presbytery
Everet, Washington 98203

Wellspring seeks to revive, rejuvenate  and rededicate the community by providing a space alongside the local church for young adults to worship, network, and find spiritual training. It is to be emphasized that while this organization’s focus is worship, it shall not to be established as a church under any circumstance. Rather, its focus will be to serve as a organization that blesses, reinvigorates and empowers young adults so that they will go back into their respective communities and do likewise for others.

We have a vision to create a community for young adults with the direct intention to:

  1. Support the Local Church (to provide a source of spiritual nourishment for our fellow brothers and sisters who are currently serving at their home church but do not have a source of spiritual nourishment for themselves)
  2. To provide a place for Christian young adults to meet other young adults in their immediate community for fellowship
  3. To dive into the Word of God in order to seek growth and biblical understanding for our current lives
  4. To reach out to non-believers and help plug them into the local area churches


  1. Young Adults seeking Spiritual Growth
  2. People who are curious about who Jesus is
  3. Young Adults who are looking to meet other Christian Young Adults


Ken Sunoo