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c/o Christ's Church Methodist and Presbyterian United
412 Clay St W
Monmouth, Oregon 97361

You have a full year and college experience ahead of you, with friends, dorm-mates, classes, and clubs to commit to. Western Compass is a little different from a “club,” in that we don’t have a lot of officers or required attendance. We are simply here when you need us—for a social outlet, a restful retreat, or a way to express all that you have been learning about our fragile and interconnected global situation. Your world will be expanded through these relationships and experiences, and what you thought you knew and believed will grow, too. WesternCompass is an opportunity to find your bearings in a more personal setting, with peers and the occasional open-minded adult. We provide a safe place to hold conversations.

Western Compass is a student organization that exists to help students find a comfortable and fun outlet for individual social and ethical questions, or any other spiritual explorations. We do this by hosting regular meals, holding retreats, screening eye-opening films, and encouraging travel for the sake of solidarity, enrichment, spiritual fulfillment, and social justice. We are officially a student club, with our membership open to all students. A program director, supported by the local community of Presbyterian Churches (USA), United Methodist Churches, and Episcopal Churches, guides student leaders and is available as a resource to students.

We are an ecumenical Christian ministry, and we respect and admire other spiritual and religious traditions. We encourage people to become familiar with many paths, while figuring out who you are, what you believe, how you will live, and what you will do next.

From your first, “What am I doing here?” moment to your graduation day, we are here to support you.

Jill Mayer