What's Next What's Now Equipping young adults for the journey of faith

What’s Next What’s Now is a central hub connecting young adults to their passions and interests and helping others connect better to young adults.

Over the past two years the Presbyterian Mission Agency has engaged in an open-ended season of listening to young adults (age 18-30ish) to connect with them and discover how they are living out their faith or how they would like to. 

3 major themes came up over and over again:

  1. Finding authentic intergenerational community
  2. Desiring opportunities for in faith in action through community service and engagement
  3. Addressing the persistent questions “What’s next for me?” and “What’s next for the world?”

We wanted one place where young adults and those in ministry with young adults could find service opportunities, identify welcoming worshiping communities in their area, learn more about advocacy issues, and explore “What’s next” alongside people from across the country.

That one place is here—What’s Next What’s Now


More of the website will be available in Spanish and Korean in the near future.